Deadlands: The Long Road

Dustup at Dawn

In which our heroes meet a foe head on...

As he headed back to town with the less than conscious Prof. Hellstromme, Orea met with a mysterious figure, who turned out to be none other than Reverend Cheval. He greated them, and managed to patch up the good Professor, and espoused to them the evil of one Shelly Pearl. He mentioned she was a witch, and advised them that they should not suffer her to live. He sent them on their way, and they headed back to town.

Meanwhile, two peculiar gentlement, Frank Richards and Richard Reynolds, entered the town, and spent some time in the Six Feet Under, playing cards and drinking whiskey. Richard left with Lizzie to have some fun, but Frank stayed for a while. The rest of the posse hung out and spoke for a while, the Professor advocating getting a group together to deal with the bandits. Orea and Frank got into some hot water together, and were tossed out.

While they went to play poker at the Crystal River Hotel, the Professor purchased the general store so he could purchase dynamite(it probably made more sense to him), and Mina stuck around and chatted with some townsfolk. She heard about John Daly’s corpse coming back to roam the town at night, and the fears of the townsfolk. She also discovered that the deputies enjoy abusing their power.

The Professor spent the rest of the day cleaning out the General Store, and discovered a mysterious cross, hung upside down, in an out of the way spot. He removed it, and burnt it, and ordered his dynamite. The former owner of the store, Ray Wisely, left town, and took the order with him.

The next day, the posse was woken up by gunfire, and found the town was being overrun by Hank ‘Mayhem’ Archer and his gang of desperadoes. The posse countered their assault, and Frank managed to cut poor Hank to ribbons. The remaining bandits fled for their lives from the warlock, and out into the desert, although Mina managed to cut one down before he could escape.

The posse then discovered that the mayor had been shot. Mina and Professor Hellstromme went to him, and heard his last words…



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