Deadlands: The Long Road

For Whom the Bell Tolls

In which the Posse mourns a member...

Things quickly went downhill after the mayor’s passing. The town was in an uproar, and the posse did their level best to calm things down. Prof. Hellstromme ended up the Mayor at one point, and Mr Reynolds later became the town Marshal. The two investigated the town, and managed to dig up the town history, as well as the fact that Daly had left the town to his closest heir, despite the lack of any documentation on who that was. It sure wasn’t anybody in the town, though.

Meanwhile, Mina attempted to investigate more of the odd happenings around town, and found a miner declaring he had been robbed in the Jewel, but the Jewel claimed he was like that when he wandered in. Things then took a deadly turn for the worse as she stumbled on a bigger problem: a body found in front of the schoolhouse. Things were beginning to spiral out of control.

The Mayor’s funeral was held, but during the service, half the posse ended up investigating a miner’s claims of tunnels under the graveyard, big enough for a man to crawl through. The tunnels, however, were a ruse, and Orea, Prof. Hellstromme, Richard and the miner all came under fire. The Marshal had a dastardly plan to own the whole town, and had all but succeeded. He blurted out as much, like an idiot, and realized he would need to cover up his crime of fraud with the only logical solution: Attempted Murder! He managed to commit actual murder, and Orea received a premature halo. Dismayed, the posse proceeded to put the Marshal down long enough to arrest the black-hearted desperado. The town is holding him until a judge can arrive to hold a trial.

Shortly thereafter, one Wesson Smith arrived in town, with the utterly insane idea to use dynamite to find more copper in the mine. After being dissuaded, he became friends with the rest of the posse.

Meanwhile, more bodies piled up at the courthouse, and the posse investigated and found that a ghost had taken up residence after being left there. After confirming the fact, Prof Hellstromme pretty much left the rest to Mina, and rode off with Wesson. Mina, to her credit, went and found Deacon Plume. To Deacon Plume’s discredit, the ghost responded to his presence by giving him a heart attack. The Doctor showed up and revived the Deacon, while Mina dragged the little girl’s skeleton through a conjured windstorm and up to the church, where the unfortunate child was finally put to proper rest.

Meanwhile, Prof. Hellstromme came across some sort of strange creature attacking a woman out in the wilderness, and beheaded it in a fury. He then met a charming lady named Shelly Pearl Daly…



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