Mina Cooper

A soiled dove with a heart of gold and a deadly aim.


Rank: Novice
Occupation: Saloon Girl (Soiled Dove)
Birth Date: December 12, 1854
XP: 16 (1 unspent)

Agility 8

  • Shooting 10
  • Stealth 8
  • Lockpicking 6
  • Riding 4

Smarts 8

  • Notice 8
  • Streetwise 6
  • Gambling 4

Spirit 6

  • Guts 6
  • Persuasion 8

Strength 4

Vigor 6

Grit 1
Charisma 2
Pace 6
Parry 2
Toughness 4


  • Curious [Major]
  • Illiterate [Minor]
  • Phobia – Spiders [Minor]


  • Attractive

Weapons include a Derringer (.41), English 1840 (.36) and a Knife.

Gear includes saloon dress and clothing, playing cards, gun belt and holsters, lockpicks, ammunition, backpack, bedroll, canteen, iron skillet and a golden pocketwatch (courtesy of the dearly departed mayor of Coffin Rock). Also has a horse (Pepper) and saddlebags.


Mina grew up in Kansas, the daughter of a soiled dove. She was raised in the brothel and learned her craft at an early age. However, she also learned the value of persuasion and was well known for being a good listener and a rather charismatic young woman. Her mother, Annabelle, never would speak of her father (having been chased out of town when it was revealed that she was Hellstrom’s mistress), so Mina assumed it was just one of the many men that had come and gone over the years. She never expected to learn who he was… let alone learn she had family.

But that was what happened when, a month after her mother’s passing due to illness, she was met at her brothel by a man who claimed he was her brother and another who claimed he was her cousin (and neither man knew the other at that!). She was skeptical at first, but eventually decided that they were being honest with her. After all, they had nothing to gain by lying.

Journeying with them to look at a mine that her brother had inherited (and was producing no income for some reason), they traveled to Coffin Rock, where they found a town devoid of hope and seized by the devil. Mina used her persuasive charm to bring the townspeople around, lifting their spirits and convincing them that they needed to stand up for themselves, their families, and their town. Her hard work in the town eventually paid off for her, when the townspeople defended her from the likes of their evil ex-Marshall and his lackey deputies.

Now that Coffin Rock has been saved, it seems that the next stop is back to Kansas.

Mina Cooper

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