Six Feet Under

The only game in town for easy food right now, the Six Feet Under is a saloon, restaurant and gambling establishment, all in one handy location. There are constant poker games, passable meals for a dollar, and even absinthe is available to those who wish to partake. The saloon is usually filled with bored miners looking to pass the time, but there are some other folk who spend there time here too.

The Barkeep

Taylor Johnson is the quiet, sullen man who tries to keep to himself. He was willing to let Mina in on some of the town’s woes, and has been quick to get rid of troublemakers, but he simply offers his services and remains withdrawn and distant.

The Piano Player

A quiet man who hasn’t yet spoken to the posse. He does his job well. When not playing for the patrons, he sits by himself quietly and seems to find an escape.

Lizzie Pierce

A former dancer from the Jewel, Lizzie is terrified to go back there, claiming the girls there have ‘changed’, but unable or unwilling to elaborate further than some vague ‘hunger’. She is quiet the looker, and is friends with Mina. She is hoping to leave town when the posse does and start anew elsewhere.

The Mayor

Wilfred Hambly himself spent many an hour here, drowning his sorrows over the state of the town with absinthe. That lasted until Mina convinced him he hadn’t failed yet, and he went back to the Mayor’s Office. Later, when Hank Archer rode through town, the Mayor was one of the few to fire back, and got some free lead shot as repayment. He’s now dead and buried, but not before having his say to Mina and Prof. Hellstromme.

Six Feet Under

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